how to clean a carpet

Worried about cleaning your wool carpet? Margoom gives you some tips ... Indeed, it is easy to dry clean your carpets in your home via your respirator. In this stage, you have to be careful because regular cleaning can become a refuge for mites and mites! Discover, thanks to our advice, how to clean your carpet safely.
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Natural Products

A traditional weaving in 100% natural wool. Our margoum and kilim rugs are hand woven in 100% natural wool which guarantees exceptional quality. They are extremely resistant, soft and soft. Infact, they make the charm of living rooms and are accompanied by all decorative styles, modern or old, of eastern or western inspiration.
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Artisanal products

Tapestry Art at Margoom, ... At margoom we offer 100% handmade carpets often woven manually with traditional materials and tools, by local labor. In fact, their creativity touches two levels: the increasingly modern 100% natural colors as well as the patterns in order to satisfy the tastes of the customers. The mergoum tapestry art is a true tradition which takes its source between nomadic life and rural world which enjoys an international reputation, thanks to its authenticity.
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Fair trade

Our margoom community is founded on the principles of fair trade Our margoom community is founded on the principles of fair trade, the goal of which is to achieve greater fairness in world trade. In fact, fair trade contributes to the improvement of living standards as well as to sustainable development by offering better commercial conditions and by guaranteeing the rights of producers as well as marginalized workers in countries of the south of the planet.
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The kilim is a traditional rug known in the south and north west region of Tunisia. Indeed, it is characterized by parallel parallel bands of various colors as well as patterns based on two simple geometric shapes, the triangle and the diamond in multiple colors. these rugs are woven from 100% natural wool. Today, it is more and more used as original decorative pieces to discover the floor or even as authentic paintings. In this context, our craftsmen add touches of creativity to make it more modern in order to satisfy the demanding tastes of our customers.
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