Decorative idea for rooms with a cheerful atmosphere

During the two years of work, it took a lot of imagination to convert the houses into a charming hotel, which combines luxury, comfort and authenticity.

The decorator designed the entrance floor by combining several local marbles in geometric structures inspired by Roman mosaics.

The spirit of the East at once sensual, dreamy and mystical hovers over this place where every nook and cranny in the living room the reading room, the Moorish cafe, the hammam with gullied tiles, the patios in the shade of trees flowery, the intimate alcoves of the bedrooms invite relaxation, rejuvenation and a zen attitude in this world of constant noise and tumult,

All personalized, different from each other, covered with the noble fabrics of the house, furnished with pieces signed by the best Tunisian artisans and designers. Recall the structure of the rooms and their walls are adorned with paintings by artists.

It is a space from which the pleasure of sharing a palette of colors from the ocher. blue and red, in different shades and application methods.

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