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integration of artisanal kilim rugs in your interior

Want to differentiate yourself from your friends with a unique and authentic design decoration object. Do you want to design an interior that suits you? You knocked on the good door. MARGOOM presents a wide variety of handcrafted rugs and custom rugs online: Fine rugs, Berber carpet, Embroidered rugs, Kilim rugs ...
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Living room: Dare to color on your walls

Too often we forget the wonders that painting can achieve in a living room. By covering our four walls with the same paint in neutral tones, we do not take a lot of risk and we minimize the contribution they have on our decor or our feelings. But how do you use color with originality and intelligence? Margoom gives you ideas and offers you a good approach to choosing the right color for your living room. To your brushes!
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A Zen decoration that offers a refuge in this world of noise

Decorative idea for rooms with a cheerful atmosphere During the two years of work, it took a lot of imagination to convert the houses into a charming hotel, which combines luxury, comfort and authenticity. The decorator designed the entrance floor by combining several local marbles in geometric structures inspired by Roman mosaics.
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Bedroom decor

A decorative touch, the solution to show the beauty of your room. There are a multitude of tips to transform your room into an adorable place that brings you joy. In fact, its decoration begins with the bed, furniture and carpet, carefully you must choose your bed linen, cover and cushions which form a harmony. But the floor and wall covering certainly form the general atmosphere which brings a decorative touch.
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Living room decor

You are looking for advice or you want to change everything, Margoom offers decor ideas. The living room where the whole family likes to be, you must think of a decorative harmony with the whole house to make it a place where it is good to live. Do not hesitate to think of creating your living room of your dream.
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