Berber carpet white background and black pattern

Berber rugs are among the classic rugs that were initially woven using traditional techniques of the North African Berber people. This meticulous, expensive and high-quality manual work originates in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria and, thanks to its unique pile structure, presents particularly strong and long-lasting qualities. This is why at Margoom the traditional Berber rugs and other classic rugs such as the Kilim rugs were most often wool rugs, since they warm perfectly and are particularly easy to maintain. Now, therefore, the pile is produced in a dense, comfortable way not only by its high-quality wool, but also, just like a corridor rug, from soft artistic fibers.

Modern berber rugs

multicolored rectangular berber carpet

A modern Berber carpet takes in its design, its roots in North Africa and goes perfectly with a classic and modern interior. This mix of style of traditional nomadic rugs in a modern interior, gives a particularly captivating result and thanks to the beauty it provides, remains timeless. Berber rugs are relatively simple and understated in their coloring - in earthy beige tones and soft gray tones. They provide a natural atmosphere and a harmonious living concept. The Berber carpet samples are also timeless and are decorated with typical diamond patterns. Both high pile and short pile rugs are ideal for this type of simple decoration and are particularly valuable. Berber strip carpets are also typical and often combine very well with traditional rhombuses dotted with decent lines.

The Berber carpet is the traditional carpet par excellence, a piece that invites itself into your home to bring a unique touch of style and warmth.

the Berber carpet is in all interiors. It goes with all decorating styles and gives personality to any room: bedroom, officeliving room or dining room.