You are looking for advice or you want to change everything, Margoom offers decor ideas.

The living room where the whole family likes to be, you must think of a decorative harmony with the whole house to make it a place where it is good to live. Do not hesitate to think of creating your living room of your dream.

In fact, you must choose parts for your living room to make it elegant, choose your sofa that will be the reign of your living room to fill the space. Likewise, the carpet is the essential piece in the living room which gives its warm touch. Margoom, you create a collection of kilim rugs, margoum, and other accessories for pouf, cushion decoration, ... to manage your space well and have an innovative vision with lower cost.

Choice of living room rug
Discover our tips for choosing the right carpet for your living room:

- The size of your carpet is an important criterion, it must exceed the sides of your furniture (sofa and table) in the living room in a few centimeters (about 60cm).
- Carpet color: if your living room is a place of passage, preferably your carpet will be in dark color if not you choose a living color to make it more warm and elegant.
- For a room to live in your living room, be careful not to choose the carpet of a too large size because that could crush the room or too small not to make skimpy.
- Thinking also about the material of the carpet, namely natural materials such as wool, are more expensive than synthetic materials, but are more comfortable and easy to maintain and very resistant. A significant asset for the show.