Too often we forget the wonders that painting can achieve in a living room. By covering our four walls with the same paint in neutral tones, we do not take a lot of risk and we minimize the contribution they have on our decor or our feelings.

But how do you use color with originality and intelligence?

Margoom gives you ideas and offers you a good approach to choosing the right color for your living room. To your brushes!

Tip 1: choose color taking into account the orientation of the living room

To warm up a living room exposed to the north, you can bet on a paint of warm color like old rose, spectacular and very trendy especially when it is associated with a pearl gray

To soften the atmosphere of a south-facing living room, opt for soft shades like honey yellow or peach pink.

Tip2: choose the color taking into account the configuration of the living room

The color of the living room is chosen according to the floor area and the ceiling height, to visually distance a ceiling that seems too low you can paint it in a lighter color than that of the walls.

Tip 3: set the mood to set the tone in the living room

You have to define the atmosphere you want to create in the living room before instinctively heading towards the color chart. Pastel colors like powder pink or ice blue to combine with citrine green for a Scandinavian-inspired living room.

Tip4: learn to dose the color of the living room

No more than three colors! Turn to shades of similar shades to contrast in gradation on carpentry and woodwork, such as a green needle pine eucalyptus or a sky blue and turquoise Acapulco.

Tip5: forget the received ideas for the color of the living room

The white it lights up and it enlarge? Not so sure ! The shades of linen, sand and glossy brown are a good alternative to shades of white which quickly give the impression of being gray and therefore appear less luminous.

To give an impression of grandeur and openness, we can even dare to use bold effects like these bands of bright and distinct colors, cobalt blue, crimson red and canary yellow.