A decorative touch, the solution to show the beauty of your room.

There are a multitude of tips to transform your room into an adorable place that brings you joy. In fact, its decoration begins with the bed, furniture and carpet, carefully you must choose your bed linen, cover and cushions which form a harmony. But the floor and wall covering certainly form the general atmosphere which brings a decorative touch.

By choosing a kilim rug in artisanal wool with natural life colors, the atmosphere will be authentic and more romantic. Besides, do not hesitate to mix the classic and modern styles, white and black, large and small, guarantee you a decoration so chic and unique. You have to take into account the choice of colors and paint in your room to create a style that suits you.

Margoom, offers you a collection of decoration accessories margoum carpet, kilim, poufs, cushions and tables to create the comfort and the zen and warm atmosphere of your room.